Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

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Cryptocurrency Wallet stores Crypto assets. SkyTechNG is progressing as the leader in the Cryptocurrency Wallet Development services in Nigeria.

The number of Cryptocurrency wallet users has been increasing phenomenally in the recent years. There are nearly 24 million Blockchain wallet users as of the first quarter of March 2018 which is approximately a 20 million jump compared to 3.1 million users in the first quarter of March 2015. Crypto adoption is growing big each year.

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency based on blockchain technology. Whether you wish to own cryptocurrencies or trade them, you should have a Cryptocurrency wallet.

Cryptocurrency wallets are software programs specifically designed for the management of the digital assets.

When you own a Crypto wallet, you have one or more addresses corresponding to a pair of either public or a private key.

Categories of Cryptocurrency Wallets Developed by SkyTechNG


  • ABased on the platform – Mobile, PC, cloud
  • Based on the currency type – Single currency, multiple currencies
  • Based on the private key storage method – Hardware, terminal device, paper
  • Based on the Access – Multisignature, Single
Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Why are we different?

Cryptocurrency wallet solutions developed by SkyTechNG come with a variety of basic features that include;

    • Private key generation and secure management
    • Mnemonic phrase generation and secure management
    • Wallet address generation
    • Uploading private keys and mnemonic phrases generated by other wallets
    • Facility to create addresses to receive digital assets
    • Facility to create addresses to transfer digital assets
    • Facility to check the balance and transaction histories

Why Should You Approach SkyTechNG for Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services?


  • By leveraging its long-term experiences in the industry, combined with its extensive expertise in the Blockchain technologies, SkyTechNG has been carefully exploring all the possibilities in the Cryptocurrency wallet development process.
  • Mnemonic phrase generation and secure management
  • With a focus to deliver exceptional value, SkyTechNG enables its customers to confidently invest in their Blockchain migration; and take advantage of the services provided by the company for business and financial success now and in the future days to come.
  • SkyTechNG has an efficient team of wallet developers with thorough experience in this domain.

The team at SkyTechNG are always ready to discuss with you all the possibilities that can help them to offer world-class cryptocurrency application development services.