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How to Make a Effective Social Media Marketing Plan


A Social Media Plan aims to achieve a solid presence in Social Networks for any brand (personal or company). Carrying out isolated actions in these media can be counterproductive when generating a brand image since it provides a feeling of incoherence and indecision of the brand itself.

A Social Media Plan is made up of several legs that we are going to analyze little by little.

Before starting to define actions, it is very important to carry out an internal study of the company or brand and an analysis of the competition to see what our strengths are (to enhance them) and our weaknesses (to improve them) and against whom we compete within our sector.

Social media is a platform where you can stay connected with your audience. Social media has many benefits. If you have your own website and you want to bring audiences to it, then social media is a great thing.

​​But being popular in social media is not an easy thing, for this, you should have a complete marketing plan. ​There are many things in the marketing plan that you can focus on and get good results, you can also learn something from other big social media influencers for the idea.

So the first part of our plan should be an Analysis of the Starting Situation.

To be able to have a global idea of ​​the point where we are, two variables must be taken into account:


Analysis of the Own Situation

It is necessary to analyze the point where our actions are on social media if we have already initiated actions previously, in order to make the most correct decisions. this part always has to be done, even when we review the Media Plan (annually).

One of the most important elements when carrying out this study is to know the reputation of our brand on the internet, for this, we can rely on specific tools for this service, such as Socialmention (which is very good for us) or in the networks, as the finder Facebook, on Twitter, Search engines.

The essential thing is to locate the media where you are talking about us in order to take them into account and know what is being said about our brand at all times.

Other essential factors are performing a SWOT of the brand to better understand what is the added value that must be promoted in the brand and what are the weaknesses that must be further improved.

In this analysis, the objective is to see what are the internal strengths and weaknesses of our brand, of our company, to observe and listen to what social networks say, what is really said, or not commented on, and see what could be done to talk more about our brand strengths and manage comments on possible weaknesses or areas for improvement.


Analysis of the Competition

In the same way that we must know the state of our brand in social media, we must also know what our competition does in these media, what is commented about them, what are the opinions and what are the actions that they are carrying out as a marketing tool.

The user interface of any website is very important to be attractive, if your website is not attractive then no one will want to stay on your website for long. Your user interface should be simple and clean, for example, you can check Gentlexp. Bounce rate is the main importance in Google ranking Google ranks only those websites which have a low bounce rate. What is the bounce rate? in simple words, “the website on which users stay for a long time has a lower bounce rate.”

Apart from knowing and analyzing what actions our competitors are carrying out, it is very important to know what results in they are obtaining, if they have a large influx of new followers, if these followers are happy with the actions being carried out, how many interactions, comments, … They get their publications and actions if they have managed to improve their reputation, brand awareness, etc.

The objective in this second analysis is to know the opportunities that our competitors’ inefficiencies can generate in their management of social networks, but also what threats we face if we observe that our competition faces certain problems that may affect us. In addition, it can also serve us, why not? to copy best practices from our competition that are being well received by its followers, users, and customers.


Understanding of Social Media

When we have already managed to gather all this information we will have a full understanding of what we are doing wrong and we must improve, what are the weaknesses of our competition, that can generate opportunities for us and what we can do to position ourselves above them and become a benchmark within of the sector.

All this information should be collected in tables or dashboards with the collected data so that it is much more visual and it is easier for us to draw conclusions and make decisions about it.

The next step is the definition of objectives, another of the fundamental points, knowing where we are going to go. In future posts, we will explain what types of objectives exist and how we can know which are the most suitable for our business.

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