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Promote your Election Campaign with Bulk WhatsApp Blast

You can now promote your election campaign seamlessly with bulk WhatsApp blast.

WhatsApp is the best tool to use for your election campaigns, this is because you can send images, videos and text. you will be able to reach the electorates directly. WhatsApp is more reliable than bulksms because most people do not read their SMS and most SMS do not deliver because of DND.

You also know that due to WhatsApp policy, you can not send bulk WhatsApp messages to avoid block, this is why you need SkyTechNG Bulk WhatsApp Blast System which will enable you send up to 5 Million WhatsApp messages in a day

As we all know Nigeria is a growing economy and more and more people are using Smart phones. And WhatsApp is the most popular application in Nigeria. And many business owners in Nigeria are using our WhatsApp Messaging Services to promote there business in Nigeria and other neighboring countries. 

And what better way to promote your business in Nigeria then sending Images with Caption and Video with Caption messages using our Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Services in Nigeria. We provide a complete user friendly web-based portal for you users to run and manage their campaigns independently. Also we have inbuilt option for you to filter active whatsapp numbers from your unverified Number database, this will enable you save money and send campaign only to active numbers in any part of the world. You get Free Filter Credits anytime you purchase WhatsApp Marketing Service credit.

whatsapp marketing servicesOverview of our WhatsApp Marketing Services

We have more than 11 years of experience in WhatsApp Marketing.
  • We provide Web Based Online Portal. So now you can manage and run campaigns independently.
  • We offer custom plans as per customer need.
  • Your account will be activated within 2 hours of payment received.
  • You can view/download Campaign Submission Report online.

To Purchase Bulk Whastsapp Marketing Credit, Please Click Here

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