Entrepreneurs’ Promo AUP

Entrepreneurs’ Promo Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

  1. Contract: The client’s approval for work to commence shall be deemed a contractual agreement between the client and SkyTechNG. The approval for the work shall be by email confirming the Client’s Order (with the order document attached): Approval for the work to commence and payment of the startup fee indicates that the client accepts these terms and conditions.
  2. Material: All material supplied by the client shall remain the client’s property. It will be assumed that this material belongs to the client and that it does not breach any copyright laws
  3. Domain Names: SkyTechNG provides domain name consultancy if required. Domain names registered by SkyTechNG on the Client’s behalf are property of the client.
  4. SkyTechNG agree to transfer this domain to the client or his/her agent when asked to do so provided that all accounts have been settled (Client has made full payment for the promo).
  5. The cPanel details shall only be transferred to the customer if the customer has made full payment of the total cost of the Promo.
  6. Copyright: SkyTechNG will retain the copyright of any material, including design, artwork and the source code, created for the client by SkyTechNG. Once final payment has been received by SkyTechNG copyright may be transferred to the client if previously agreed. SkyTechNG reserves the right to retain the copyright on all material created by SkyTechNG unless otherwise agreed between the two parties in writing.
  7. Photography and Graphics: SkyTechNG may use stock photographs and images in the design and build of the site. Images and graphics purchased from stock libraries are not generally included in the quote and will only be included once the client has approved the additional cost. General reworking and editing of artwork and photography supplied by the client will be included in the quote but where SkyTechNG considers the amount or extent of work involved in editing or reworking assets SkyTechNG reserves the right to bill for the time of carrying out such work at its usual company hourly rates.
  8. Accessibility: Adhering to accessibility guidelines may involve additional expense depending on a client’s requirements and will be billed separately according to the clients’ requirements.
  9. Browser Compatibility: SkyTechNG shall make every effort to design pages that display acceptably in the most popular current browsers i.e. IE7 and Latest version of Firefox released on the date of project agreement, but cannot accept responsibility for pages that do not display acceptably in new versions of browsers released after pages have been designed. IE 6 is an outdated browser we should pay tribute to it and say goodbye and upgrade our browsers or should start using Firefox which is free to download and performs much better than IE 6.
  10. Search Engine Submission: SkyTechNG is not responsible for the client’s on-going web site promotion. Should the client require the site to be promoted a separate contract must be agreed. SkyTechNG makes no guarantee about the success of any search engine promotion activity because this is controlled by the search engines.
  11. Cancellation: Should the client wish to cancel at any point during the process they shall remain liable for the work that has taken place and shall be invoiced accordingly. If cancellation takes place prior to completion the client will be billed what SkyTechNG consider to be a reasonable amount for the work carried out to that date.
  12. Site Maintenance: Website maintenance shall attract additional fees.
  13. Free Domain: We will only provide free domains for the TLDs listed .com, .org, .net, .com.ng, .net.ng, .org.ng, .name.ng, any other TLD that is not listed here will be billed separately
  14. Renewal: After the Completion of the full payment for the entrepreneur promo which is ₦50,000.00 NGN ( $161.00USD, ‎£126.50 GBP, €147.00 EUR, GH₵769.00 GHS, R2,500.00 ZAR, 12,500.00 INR), The client shall pay  ₦12, 000 NGN ( $38.64 USD, ‎£30.36 GBP, €35.28 EUR, GH₵184.56 GHS, R600.00 ZAR, 3,000  INR)  annually which will cover the renewal for Web Hosting Account, SSL Certificate and Domain Name, however domains that are not .com, .org, .net, .com.ng, .net.ng, .org.ng, .name.ng will be billed separately.
  15. Content: SkyTechNG cannot be held liable for any information contained within the Client’s web site. The content of such remains the copyright and intellectual property of the Client.
  16. Examples of Work: SkyTechNG retains the right to display graphics and other web design elements as examples of their work in their respective portfolios.
  17. Signature: SkyTechNG Signature must be put on the site preferably at the bottom of the website (on all pages) and it should link back to www.skytechng.com. If a client must remove this link an additional price of 25% will be charged. Signature should be visible to human eyes and search engine
  18. Travel Time and Expenses: Traveling time to and from client premises is not generally included in our estimate. If a visit/travel is required for meeting, The Client will bear all the expenses or as agreed by both the parties.
  19. Quotations: The price quoted to the client is for the work agreed on the quotation only. Should the client decide that changes are required, as the site is developed, then we will provide a separate quote for the additional work and may need to review the timescale for completing the project.
  20. Payment: A one- time payment fee of ₦50,000.00 NGN                  ( $161.00 USD, ‎£126.50 GBP, €147.00 EUR, GH₵769.00 GHS, R2,500.00 ZAR, 12,500.00 INR) is expected to be paid by the client  upon commencement .
  21. Payment Terms: Payment is currently accepted by Bank Deposit and Online Payment
  22. Affiliate Commission: – We will pay a flat rate of 6.4% commission for the Entrepreneur’s promo on each sale completed by your visitor(s) through the affiliate link who are not already SkyTechNG customer.
  23. Internet Service Provider: The client understands that any Internet Service Provider (ISP) services will require a separate contract with the ISP. SkyTechNG will agree to set up a domain name with host if required, but will not be held responsible for any changes made by the server supplied.
  24. Free Technical Support: SkyTechNG is the leading best web designing company – We not only do the best website designs and develop best web solutions, we also provide free technical support from the date of delivery of the project or project files are moved to your hosting account; whichever happens earlier for 12 months. Free Technical Support is available for all the bugs/errors found in our server side scripting or Java script errors. To give you our best services, we take this responsibility of free support at no extra cost to you until and unless some other designer/developer modifies the project files we have delivered.
  25. Refund Policy: All products are sold “as it is”. The customer assumes the responsibility for the purchase, and no refunds will be issued. You may contact us if you wish to exchange your purchase for a product of equal or lesser value within 120 days from the purchase date. If an item of lesser value is chosen there will be no refund for the additional amount.


In no event will SkyTechNG be liable to the customer or any third party for any damages, including any lost documents or other incidental, consequential or special damages arising out of the operation of or inability to operate these Web pages or website, even if SkyTechNG has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Despite the best efforts of SkyTechNG, errors in web page information will occur. At no time will SkyTechNG responsibilities for accidentally including erroneous information extend beyond correcting the error.

Should SkyTechNG waive any of these terms on an individual basis, this shall not affect the validity of remaining clauses or commit SkyTechNG to waive the same clause on any other occasion.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions your statutory rights are not affected.

SkyTechNG reserves the right to change or modify any of these terms or conditions at any time, but agreements signed prior to the update in this agreement remains unaffected. Should clarification of any of the above be required, please contact us.