Nigeria Email Database

We have about 20 Million active Nigerian Email databases which are actively updated regularly. The Email addresses database are categorized as follows

  • Emails of Nigerians
  • Businessleads
  • Executives
  • Members of Lagos State Executive Council
  • Online Shoppers
  • Working Class Emails
  • Surulere Business Executives

Bonus: links of the Mass Mailing Software

Email marketing is important for many reasons. For example, it is important because it is highly adaptable. You can make the emails that you send to promote your business so that they suit any need that you might have. You can target many different social groups and adapt the content accordingly. Since the business world is constantly changing, you have to be able to respond quickly to any changes that the marketing experts present.

Also, another reason why this kind of marketing is important for any business and should not be ignored and forgotten is that it is very inexpensive. You can incorporate it into any kind of marketing plan that your business might have, without having any additional costs. This way, if you get anything from email marketing, you will, basically, get something for nothing. Creating profit, without spending any money, is something that every serious business will take into consideration.

Cost: N250,000 N50,000