Emerging Technology Services

Modern and emerging technologies – like wearables, mobile, IoT, augmented and virtual reality, machine learning, and AI have much to promise, but only a business is willing to embrace them. Companies can clearly see new opportunities in these areas but not everyone is willing to take bet owing to pressure of using them effectively. That’s where SkyTechNG comes in.

We offer the below Emerging Technology Services

IoT Applications

Our in-house team of IoT app development experts has an in-depth understanding of the emerging IoT platforms and features, as well as is proficient at developing agile apps that fit into your business needs

Wearable App development

We are experts at developing custom-made wearable apps that will make your end users to go gaga and fall in love with your solutions that are seamless and compelling, all powered by SkyTechNG.

Apple watch App development

SkyTechNG has a team of experts that are proficient at developing wearable apps including apple watch apps. We have already tailor-made apple watch apps for some of our customers, and we can do it for you too.

Augmented Reality Apps Development

Augmented reality apps are increasingly popular with companies ranging from manufacturing enterprises to healthcare centers and retailers—with clear purposes of searching for new ways to maintain long-term market relevance.

Implementation of these AR solutions is followed by an ongoing cycle of product evolution, delivery, and integration with existing ecosystems. This is how augmented reality services will help your company enter the market early and stay at the forefront of the competition.

Big Data Services

Big data is emerging. A lot is happening and regardless of the size of your company, it is about time that you seriously thought about implementing big data for your business. We can custom develop the best big data solution that will imbibe in all your business needs.

Cloud Computing

SkyTechNG offer you the best cloud development services to increase your potential customers and business revenue. We ensure you get most out of the cloud by implementing and managing a robust and scalable cloud environment. We hold leadership in the latest technologies like hybrid cloud models and cognitive computing. We are concerned about your business data confidentiality, hence provide security-rich cloud solutions to cater to your business requirements and add value to your market reputation