Website Security Service

Let us protect your website from Hackers.
We will keep your website secure so that you can focus on running your business. 

As a website owner you are responsible of doing any necessary upgrades to any software that you have on your site to make sure that it is secure and does not attract hackers.

Having an out of date installation or plugins is one of the most common reasons for websites being compromised.

With our website security service we take care of your website security so that you can focus on running your business.

Hackers are always looking for ways to exploit weaknesses in websites for a variety of reasons. In some cases it is to steal valuable or sensitive data such as customer records or credit or debit card details. In other cases it is so that they can upload Malware or use your website to send out unsolicited emails (Phishing).

With our website security service we take care of the security of your website so that you can focus on running your business.

We will install a software firewall on your site and constantly monitor and scan your website for any vulnerabilities. 

We will upgrade your installation and its plugins to the latest upgrades.

We will install a security seal on your site to show that your site is secure.

You will also get priority support. Should you require assistance with us you will get priority chat support so that we get issues fixed ASAP.

Website Security Plan : ₦ 10,000 p/m (per website). You can also get it for as low as ₦ 6,000 p/m if you are paying for 3 years

you can pay a one time fee (just for a month service), please indicate in the order option.. 

Note: a hacked website will attract an additional ₦ 5,000

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Our Website Security Services for WordPress Websites Includes:

  • Daily Backup of your database.
  • Prevents SQL injections
  • Change your default “admin” user name to a more secure name of your choosing
  • Will advise you to change your nickname and Display name to be different from your Username
  • Contains a useful password strength tool which you can use to check whether your password is sufficiently strong enough
  • Choosing strong passwords, monitoring and blocking IP addresses which are involved in repeated login failures in a short period of time
  • Allows you to specify a time period in minutes after which the admin session will expire and the user will be forced to log back in
  • Allows you to add a captcha form on the WordPress registration page
  • Allows you to add a special hidden “honeypot” field on the WordPress registration page. This will only be visible to robots and not humans (if the plugin detects that this field has a value when the registration form is submitted, then the robot which is attempting to register on your site will be redirected to its localhost address –
  • changes the default WordPress table prefix from “wp_” to something else which will be difficult for hackers to guess
  • Scan the critical WP core folders and files and will highlight any permission settings which are insecure
  • Allows you to look up more detailed information about an IP address or domain name by querying the WHOIS API.
  • Basic firewall security protection rules for your site
  • Blocking Fake Googlebots
  • Prevent Image Hotlinking
  • Monitors all 404 events which occur on your site, and it also gives you the option of blocking IP addresses
  • Allows you to change the login URL by setting your own slug
  • Brute Force Attack Prevention
  • Allows you to add a captcha form on various WordPress login pages and forms.
  • Gives you the option of only allowing certain IP addresses or ranges to have access to your WordPress login page
  • Will add a simple math captcha field in the WordPress comments form
  • Blocks Spambots From Posting Comments
  • Automatically and permanently block IP addresses which have exceeded a certain number of comments labeled as SPAM
  • Automatic Daily Scan of 1 Website
  • Automatic Malware & Blacklist Monitoring
  • Automatic Email Alerting
  • Site uptime monitoring
  • Site response time monitoring
  • We provide advice for malware cleanup
  • Blacklist Removal
  • We will also update your plugins and extensions for the duration of the service.

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