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WhatsApp Marketing in Nigeira

We are Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Service Provider based in Nigeria and leader in providing Bulk WhatsApp Messaging / Marketing solutions in Nigeria. We provide International WhatsApp Marketing and Nigeria WhatsApp Marketing as a service.

As Bulk WhatsApp Service Provider we ensure you are connected with your customers wherever they are with just Click of a Button!. To maintain ourselves as best Bulk WhatsApp Text, Images, Audio, Videos – Marketing Service Provider Company and to ensure maximum successful messages delivery within minimum time-frame. We have redundant network of servers to ensure instant up to 100% delivery of WhatsApp Messages.

We are an innovative bulk messaging service provider company in Nigeria focusing on providing a cost efficient business solution. And we provide Bulk WhatsApp Text, Images, Audio, Videos Marketing service at lowest rates.

Through our WhatsApp Marketing Service / WhatsApp Marketing Software we have been delivering innovative mobile messaging services across World. Our Bulk WhatsApp SMS, Images, Audio, Videos package is loaded with all the features which are currently available in the industry. Now you only pay for WhatsApp Messages send to only WhatsApp enabled Phones and save your money on sending messages on numbers without knowing if number is WhatsApp Enabled or NOT ?? – Our WhatsApp Filtering / WhatsApp Scrubbing Service enable you to separate live whatsapp numbers from inactive numbers.

  • Web-Based WhatsApp Campaign Management Panel
  • 100% Neutral White-label Panel to resell under your own Domain or Sub-Domain Name 
  • Create Unlimited User Accounts
  • User Account Management Portal
  • Add/Remove Credits independently for each user
  • All messages are send via Indian Mobile Number currently hosted in our Data-center in India
  • View campaign statistic online
  • All campaign will run between 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Indian Standard Timing) or 5:30 AM to 3:30 PM (Nigeria Time)
  • 1 Credit = 4500 Character text Message per number
  • 1 Credit = 1 Image file upto 5 MB size (*.JPG)
  • 1 Credit = 1 Audio File upto 5 MB size(*.MP3/AMR)
  • 1 Credit = 1 PDF file upto 5 MB size (*.PDF)
  • 1 Credit = 1 Video file upto 5 MB size (*.MP4)
(1) Login into your account using given login credentials by visiting whatsapp.skytechng.com Whatsapp Blast panel (2) After successfully logged-in you can see the dashboard. Whatsapp Blast Panel (3) You can see multiple options left side at panel. So now we will explain each tab description.
(4) Dashboard: In that you will see Total Packets, Packets means the batches of messages you have sent. Also your total credits will show on dashboard in given tab.
(5)Text Message:When you clicked on Text Message it will show you Mobile Number Tab and Text message tab. In that you can enter your target mobile numbers one by one maximum 50k in one packet. After that you can enter your text message up to 4500 characters in given area.Then you need to click on Submit button to upload whatsApp text packet on server. Whatsapp Blast Panel
(6) Image Message: Whatsapp Blast Panel If you want to upload Image+ caption packet then you need to click on Image Message. Once you clicked on Image message tab it will show you like in mentioned screenshot above. Then user can upload their target numbers in given Mobile number tab and they can choose image file (.jpg and jpeg) up to 5 mb in panel. Then user can enter their caption message in Caption Message are.
(7) Document Message: Use this if you want to insert pdf/document file or any document then user can insert their file in given area after inserting numbers. other process is same as Image message. (8) Audio Message: Whatsapp Blast Panel Use this if you want to insert audio file then you can insert your file in given area in mp3, AMR format only after inserting target numbers. other process is same as Image message.
(9) Video Message: Whatsapp Blast Panel Use this if you want to insert Video file then you can insert your file in given area in mp4 format only after inserting target numbers. other process is same as Image message. (10) Filter Number: If you are not sure if your target numbers are available on Whatsapp or not then you can use the filter Option.  you need to insert your numbers to filter data. 50k numbers max at a time. Once you uploaded all numbers then after some time you can check filter report in Filter Record option. (Filtering will take max 8 to 10 hours depending upon volume of numbers)
(11) Filter Record: Whatsapp Blast Panel You can download filtered file in the tab of Filter record. Here you will get the numbers which are available on Whatsapp only. Non Whatsapp Numbers will automatically be removed from Downloaded report.
(12) Sign Out: Whatsapp Blast Panel After all done you can sign out from top right corner. Thank You for choosing SkyTechNG!!

Prices (Nigerian Naira “₦” and United States Dollar “$”) 

whatsapp blast marking system discountOur website offers multiple subscriptions. The greater the number of messages in a subscription is, the less the cost per message would be.


QuantityPrice per Credits (Naira)Total (Naira)Price per Credits (USD)Total (USD)
2,000 Credits + 2,000 FREE Filter Credits₦4.0₦8,000$0.01050$21
5,000 Credits + 5,000 FREE Filter Credits₦3.8₦19,000$0.00997$50
10,000 Credits + 10,000 FREE Filter Credits₦3.5₦35,000$0.00919$92
15,000 Credits + 15,000 FREE Filter Credits₦3.3₦49,500$0.00866$130
20,000 Credits + 20,000 FREE Filter Credits₦3.0₦60,000$0.00787$157
30,000 Credits + 30,000 FREE Filter Credits₦2.8₦84,000$0.00735$220
50,000 Credits + 50,000 FREE Filter Credits₦2.5₦125,000$0.00656$328
100,000 Credits + 100,000 FREE Filter Credits₦2.3₦230,000$0.00604$604
300,000 Credits + 300,000 FREE Filter Credits₦2.0₦600,000$0.00525$1,575
500,000 Credits + 500,000 FREE Filter Credits₦1.8₦900,000$0.00472$2,362
1,000,000 Credits + 1,000,000 FREE Filter Credits₦1.5₦1,500,000$0.00394$3,937
2,000,000 Credits + 2,000,000 FREE Filter Credits₦1.4₦2,800,000$0.00367$7,349
5,000,000 Credits + 5,000,000 FREE Filter Credits₦1.3₦9,000,000$0.00341$23,622

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We will provide a reseller panel which can be installed on your domain or sub domain



QuantityPrice per Filter Credits (Naira)Total (Naira)Price per Filter Credits (USD)Total (USD)
2,000 Filter Credits₦1.5₦3,000$0.00394$8
5,000 Filter Credits₦1.5₦7,500$0.00394$20
10,000 Filter Credits₦1.5₦15,000$0.00394$39
15,000 Filter Credits₦1.5₦22,500$0.00394$59
20,000 Filter Credits₦1.5₦30,000$0.00394$79
30,000 Filter Credits₦1.5₦45,000$0.00394$118
50,000 Filter Credits₦1.5₦75,000$0.0039$197
100,000 Filter Credits₦1.4₦140,000$0.00367$367
300,000 Filter Credits₦1.3₦390,000$0.00341$1,024
500,000 Filter Credits₦1.2₦600,000$0.00315$1,575
1,000,000 Filter Credits₦1.1₦1,100,000$0.00289$2,887
2,000,000 Filter Credits₦1.0₦2,000,000$0.00262$5,249
5,000,000 Filter Credits₦0.9₦4,500,000$0.00236$11,811

Please Click Here to request for new Messaging Filter Credits  If you already have an access to the Whatsapp Blast Dashboard and Exhausted or want to Purchase an additional Whatsapp Blast Filter Credit

This is a Web Application and not a Regular Desktop Software


  • A User is allowed to upload 10 campaigns in a day, each campaign should not have more than 50,000 numbers.
  • in a Day a user is allowed to send to about 500,000 numbers

Terms & Conditions

● 1 Credit = 4500 Character Text Message
● 1 Credit = Image + Caption / Audio + Caption / Video + Caption / PDF + Caption..
● Media File size up to 5MB | Caption size up to 250 Characters.
● Maximum File media size supported up to 5MB
● For every additional 5 MB in Media File= double credits (deducted automatically)
● All campaign will run between 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Indian Standard Timing) or 5:30 AM to 3:30 PM (Nigeria Time