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Branding 50% Discount

Dear Customer

We want to thank you for choosing SkyTechNG.com

We also want to inform you that we have invested heavily into our branding department, by acquiring more equipment, software and also increasing the Human Capacity of the department.

It’s our desires to be the best when it comes to company branding in this part of the world.

As part of our innovation at SkyTechNG to meet our customers need with support from our Management Team. We are putting our clients first thus some of our services will come with discounted prices

  1. Logo Design: ₦10,000 (Previously ₦15,000)
  2. Video Ads: ₦15,000. (Previously ₦22,000)
  3. Image Ads/Banner/Leaflet Design: ₦5, 000 (Previously ₦10,000)

This move is done with the best and highest regards to our clients’ welfare

Note: At SkyTechNG we only use stock images, our designs can be trademarked.

Your brand is the message that communicates what you do to your customers. It is imperative that you devise a perfect brand identity that will fit in your business message, intention and goals such that it will stay etched to your consumer’s mind


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