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The ABC of BulkSMS Website Design Using CMS (Joomla) By Collins A Nwude

I have written this book for you to learn Bulk SMS Website Design using Joomla 2.5 as fast as possible.

When I first came across Joomla! I found it extremely easy to install, but very difficult to learn the administration. Even more difficult to learn was how to customize the site as per my requirement. There are many books out there which explained different task, but not a single one that explained how to install, modify and administer a Joomla website according to my needs.

I learnt Joomla the harder way by trying out different books, experimenting different button in the administration, and see what happens and most time getting fatal responses.

I gradually became fluent in making and administrating Joomla websites.

Now, I have written this book in such a way that you will learn all about building a Bulk SMS website without having the knowledge of HTML and PHP programming in less than twenty four hours.

So tell every one you are busy and learn website Design.

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